Culture at Humacyte

We put the Human in Humacyte; not just through our science and technology, but with our amazing employees who make Humacyte a welcome place for all. We have a diverse group of passionate, collaborative, and innovative individuals with access to truly cutting-edge technology. Our team of over 130 talented employees are the best of the best in Biotech. Our headquarters, featuring state-of-the-art manufacturing and processing facilities as well as our corporate offices, is located in the heart of Raleigh-Durham’s Research Triangle Park. As we grow, we are continuously looking for courageous new talent to help take us to the next level. Come to Humacyte for the awesome technology, stay because our people make an outstanding team.   If you’re ready to put your thumbprint on changing the future of regenerative medicine, Humacyte may have an exciting career for you. 

Research Team

Diversity, Equality, & Inclusion

At Humacyte, we strive to be a part of the change we need to see in the world. This means creating a culture with a strong sense of belonging. In order to do that, we’re taking steps to advance positive change with regard to inclusion and equality. We are learning that listening is an integral part of fostering an open culture. If we listen, we can better understand and appreciate our differences. When we listen, we can turn our thoughts and ideas into actions. Diversity, equity and inclusion efforts help create a more welcoming environment for all people at Humacyte by creating an inclusive and sustainable work culture as well as an environment where all team members belong.  We hold a deep appreciation for having a diverse corporate culture at every level, and we are committed to making lasting, long-term efforts to attract a wider pool of qualified applicants.

Humacyte is aware that some job seekers are receiving fake employment offers and requests for personal and banking information from individuals or organizations posing as Humacyte.  

If you receive an offer that you believe is a scam, please check the e-mail address of the sender. Legitimate e-mails from Humacyte will always come from We will never ask you to contact us through accounts like WhatsApp, Gmail, or Skype. If you receive correspondence from an account that does not have @humacyte, it is most likely fraudulent activity.

If you have questions about whether a correspondence is legitimately from Humacyte, please contact us at:

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