The Power of Vascular Innovation

Humacyte’s Human Acellular Vessel (HAV):
An investigational product designed to fulfill the potential of regenerative medicine.

Groundbreaking technology

Our unique process, paired with innovation and continued improvement and evolution, puts us at the forefront.

Making a meaningful impact on patient care.

Why Human Acellular Vessels (HAV)?

From lower costs to fewer operations, HAVs may offer critical benefits.

Our path to success.

With each year, we’ve moved closer to lifesaving treatments.

Join our team and make a difference.

At Humacyte, we strive to be a part of the change we need to see in the world. This means creating a culture with a strong sense of belonging. In order to do that, we’re taking steps to advance positive change with regard to inclusion and equality. We are learning that listening is an integral part of fostering an open culture. If we listen, we can better understand and appreciate our differences. When we listen, we can turn our thoughts and ideas into actions.

We hold a deep appreciation for having a diverse corporate culture at every level, and we are committed to making lasting, long-term efforts to attract a wider pool of qualified applicants.

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