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Produce Humacyte’s life-sustaining, human, bioengineered HAV designed to become the patient’s own and integrate naturally for patients who need a better clinical alternative for vascular access.

What matters to us.

We are committed to becoming the leader in novel, human acellular matrix products for vascular and non-vascular applications. These products are engineered to be immediately available and can have the potential to improve efficacy, safety, and treatment outcomes in patients with a broad range of disease conditions.

Our goal is to develop and commercialize our products in the U.S., and potentially license commercialization rights in ex-U.S. markets. Our corresponding product development strategy aims for the fastest speed to market by pursuing approval for indications with the greatest chance of clinical success and safety, through well-established regulatory pathways for approval.

Humacyte is a privately-held company that was founded in 2004 by Laura Niklason, MD. PhD., a world leader in tissue engineering, and Chief Executive Officer of Humacyte.

Dr. Niklason co-founded Humacyte along with Drs. Shannon Dahl and Juliana Blum. Humacyte’s research platforms and core technologies are based on the research conducted by Drs. Niklason and Dahl at Duke University, and by Dr. Niklason at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the laboratory of Dr. Robert Langer.

Our team of senior management advisors and board of directors have extensive, proven experience in product development, clinical trials, regulatory affairs, business and commercial development, finance, and intellectual property management

See how far we've come.

We’re proud of the steps we’ve taken and the progress we’ve made.  

March 27th, 2019

Science Translational Medicine Publishes Results That Humacyte’s “Human Acellular Vessels Recellularize and Evolve into Living Blood Vessels following Human Implantation”

The medical journal, Science Translational Medicine, published work demonstrating Humacyte’s human acellular vessels (HAVs) repopulate with the patient’s own cells to form a living vascular tissue. The results suggest that the HAV may be an innovative advancement as a bioengineered vessel that develops characteristics of a living tissue over time.

Industry Visionaries and Healthcare Executives

Our leadership team is focused on developing a novel platform technology to shape human tissues to be used for hemodialysis and the treatment of vascular diseases.


Laura E. Niklason, MD, PhD

Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

Douglas L. Blankenship

Chief Financial Officer

Jeffrey H. Lawson, MD, PhD

Chief Surgical Officer

Heather Prichard, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

Juliana L. Blum, PhD

Executive Vice President, Strategic Business Operations and Co-Founder

William Tente, MS

Chief Regulatory Officer

Jack Harvey

Vice President of Commercial Bioprocessing

Sabrina Osborne

Executive Vice President, Business Strategy & People

Scott Weit, PHD

Vice President of Quality

Board of Directors

Brady Dougan

Director of Humacyte since 2005
Former CEO of Credit Suisse

Robert Anderson, MD

Director of Humacyte since 2005
Previously served as an Independent Director to MicroIslet; former Chief of Surgery at Duke University

Carrie S. Cox

Served as Humacyte CEO from 2010 to 2018
Independent Director to Electrocore, Texas Instruments, Celgene and Cardinal Health

Robert Langer, Sc.D.

Director of Humacyte since 2008
Serves on the Board of Moderna, Rubius Therapeutics, PureTech Health, and David H Koch Institute Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jeffrey Lawson, MD, PhD

Chief Surgical Officer of Humacyte
Prior to joining Humacyte in 2015, Dr. Lawson served as Professor of Surgery and Vice Chair of the Department of Surgery at Duke University Medical Center

Laura Niklason, MD, Ph.D

Humacyte Founder, President and CEO
Adjunct Professor, Yale University

Dale Sander

Director of Humacyte since 2015
Former CFO of Avita Medical, Juventas Therapeutics, Biolex Therapeutics and Maxim Pharmaceuticals

Kathleen Sebelius

Director of Humacyte since 2015
Former 21st Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. Former Governor of Kansas

Max Wallace, JD

Director of Humacyte since 2005
Former CEO of Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure; former CEO of Cogent Neurosciences and Trimeris

Humacyte’s state-of-the–art facilities reflect a continuing commitment to the quality of our products.

Our new state-of-the–art, commercial scale cGMP manufacturing facility is located at 2525 Highway 54 in Durham, NC. The new facility is also home to our Research & Development, Process Development, and Quality Control laboratories, along with our Business, Clinical, and Regulatory operations. 

We’re building strong relationships with our growing family of partners.

We’re proud of our partners and honored that they stand with us on our commitment to lifesaving possibilities.


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